Café de la Mañana: 3.26.09

Again, London gets all the good theatre bits first and it’s not fair! Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, based on the 1994 Stephan Elliott flick, is onstage now!  {IHT}

Meet Ruben Noe Coronado, Spain’s first pregnant man…and he’s having twins. Take that Thomas Beatie! At least Ruben can get legally married, proof that Spain is having much more fun right now. {Guanabee}

Yes, homeland security is a problem. Illegal immigration exists. Trying to solve it by poisining a river? A bigger problem. {CNN}

The Post Office is broke. Thank God for email and UPS! {WashPo}

John Hope Franklin, reknowned historian and scholar on the Black experience in America, died yesterday. His book “From Slavery to Freedom” is still required reading in classrooms across the country. RIP. {NYT}

JBaker is just about ready to get on another plane!

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