Café du Matin: 3.31.09

Apparently, we aren’t the only ones who are curious as to why more American celebrities are not adopting children in the US, choosing to go to Africa or Asia to add to their celebrity family. Maybe it’s because we make it so hard here. Roland Brown, my fav CNNer, breaks it down. {CNN}

Talk about two steps back. Afghani President Hamid Karzai reportedly has signed a bill that legalizes rape within marriage and restricts the free movement of women in their neighborhoods. The UN has publicly condemmed it, but it seems Karzai needed votes. Taliban much? {Guardian}

Skype is finally debuting dedicated applications for the iPhone and Blackberry phones. Me=Praising God. Hi Little Bear! {NWS}

So is Bacardi Rum swagger jacking on the Havana Club label? It seems that they have successfully won the rights to the Havana Club name in the United States and started producing the brand in Puerto Rico. I’ll be holding on to my authentic bottles a little tighter now. It’s not an issue of communism, it an issue of Bacardi tasting like ass. {MH}

The Fox Network is mad! Obama is in office, Dems are in control in both houses, O’Reily is still wack…so what do they do, the start their own facebook! {WashPo}

JBaker is ready to set up shop with a shot of Anejo Especial and get in in for Tuesday.

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