Cultural Idiocy: ‘New York’ Gets Another Show

The house that Flavor Flav built is getting another level, Tiffany “New York” Pollard has been given yet another reality show on the Vh1 network. And this time, she goes to work! According to reports, viewers will vote on what job she will perform weekly, with a fast-food joint and mortuary included, and if she sticks with it, she get’s $5K. Can I get $100 for watching it? While I am the last one to complain about reality television (I’m writing this while fully immersed in For The Love of Ray-J) I am perplexed as to the attraction that New York has for audiences at this point. I’d rather want to know what exactly is under Sister Patterson’s lace front and Buddha’s workout routine than see New York do more to eradicate any normal perceptions of women of color on television. Thoughts ladies? And I was just starting to like some of the new shows: Tough Love, Tool Academy…which was like watching one really bad audition, but also showed how some men will show their ass for attention, Ray-J, it’s the train-wreck we all love to see.

ps. Gotta love Wendy Williams stance in the above flick!


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