Even The Fab Are Trimming The Fat

Andre is wishing he was at Red Lobster.

So, it seems that one of our Parlour patron saints, Andre Leon Talley of Vogue was spotted at LAX going in at Chili’s. We love Andre for his down-to-earth persona and this quip made me think back to the simple pleasures that we discussed yesterday. He also let us sit on his lap at Fashion Week, so we are a bit biased. Regretfully, I forgot about what we city-girls call the “surburban spots”.  Here in NYC, we have our choice of culinary delights: from the Le Cirque level on down to the carryout, so there is simply no reason to go to TGIFridays or Mickey D’s on a regular basis. But this got me to thinking, if someone on the Conde Nast payroll is down with Chili’s…I can put the Olive Garden back on my radar. It’s cheap, semi-fast and good. I’ve eaten at some of the best restaurants in the country but will still make it a point to pop in to Red Lobster at least once a year: cheddar biscuits=crack. Aside from the huge novelty cocktails, and names that they give to some of the specials, some of the food is just really good. Who else is hollering at Uno’s, Applebees and the like right now? I’m thinking of planning a group trip to Red Lobster in Times Square now, you down?

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