Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’…Broadway Bound?

It seems that the Bay Area punk trio Green Day is getting the Broadway treatment courtesy of the Berkeley Repertory Theatre in Cali. Today they are expected to announce their new work ‘American Idiot’, based on the classic album of the same title that Green Day released in 2004, made popular by the single “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”. It’s a collaboration between the trio and Michael Mayer, who directed the Tony-eating musical, “Spring Awakening”, so many are expecting this to be a twisted hit. Aside from making me miss Cali creativity, this got me to thinking…what albums would I like to see made into musicals? I just sat through Jim Jones’ theatre debut last week, but that was more of a concert with better lighting and dance numbers. Here’s what I could scrounge up in my morning haze:

The Death of Adam, 88 Keys [ The trick is that the play would have to be sponsored by Ralph Lauren]

Reasonable Doubt, Jay Z [ The videos from the album are good, but imagine the possibilities. Jay I want my check! ]

Only By The Night, Kings of Leon [ This entire play should take place in a hidden bar in Tennessee…i’m getting “True Blood” flashbacks…and wtf is up with the new season? ]

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Lauryn Hill [ A classic Broadwway coming-of-age story…all the way up to the “call me Ms. Hill” stage ]

Idlewild, Outkast [Ok, I know that they had there chance with the movie, but with a new better director, it could be the new ish, seriously ]

Illmatic, Nas [ But really, who would play Nas…we are not letting him act again are we? ]


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