Gretchen Mol, Kerry Washington + Tristan Wilds (down cougar…)

gretchen mol kerry washingtontristan wilds

Here are actresses Gretchen Mol (aka Bettie Page) and Kerry Washington (aka Della Bee) at an NYTimes Center function…I like Kerry’s layered printed skirt with the busy necklace and large gold hoops but what’s up with the arm bracelet? And why does Gretchen look like a lanky librarian? Doesn’t she know it’s technically spring in NYC? We want to see color Gretchen- Bettie would’ve wanted it that way!

Plus, here’s Tristan Wilds aka Micheal from The Wire on the right and…he has a girlfriend? Who told him he was allowed!?! LOL…the cute teenaged couple appeared at a 90210 event this week. I like that Mike’s guest looks like a ’round the way girl. Hi-five!

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