Her Name is Marijuana Pepsi, But She Prefers Orange Soda

Meet Marijuana Pepsi Jackson Sawyer. Yes that is her real name and by all accounts, she’s a pretty awesome, with a name that you will never forget. For all of the Shamekas, LaKeishas and Alexxus out there that have ever had gripes with their names, read this and then feel a little better.

Sawyer’s mother, Maggie Johnson, picked her name. Her father objected but lost the argument. To this day, a lot of family members and best buds call her Pepsi.

She said that she knew when I was born that you could take this name and go around the world with it. At the time as a child, I’m thinking yeah, right. You named my older sister Kimberly. You named my younger sister Robin,” Sawyer said.

Apparently, Marijuana’s parents really love Mary Jane and Pepsi. No really, according to the article, they named her after their two favorite things at the time. Luckily, Mari managed to escape the stigmas attached to her name and excel in school, managing to embark on a successful career in education. She may have problems ordering tickets over the phone, but she’s pretty calm in her own skin. And for the record, she have never smoked and prefers Fanta!

After reading this, my mind wandered to this true story:
In college one of my roomies had a mother who was a drug counselor. She told us the story of a pregnant woman who was high during labor, and when the baby girl was born, decided to name the baby Chlamydia. After waiting for her to come down from her cloud, my girl’s mom calmly explained that Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease, not a proper name for a kid. Thankfully, the nurses did not register her name until she came down and changed it.  The woman explained that she had read about it at a shelter and thought it was pretty. The point of this story: 1) Don’t do drugs and 2) Realize the impact that a name has on a child. -JBaker

A woman named Marijuana plays it straight – and wins

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