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Hey North Korea: Give Us Back Euna and Laura Please!

This is what happens when the news hits you close. Two journalists from Current TV have been arrested and detained in North Korea for “illegal entry and hostile acts” and will be tried at an unspecified date. Euna Lee and Laura Ling we detained by border guards in North Korea on March 17th and have been held since. While I don’t know either personally, I did work with Laura when I when I helped launch Current a few years ago, and aside from being a damn good journalist, I just don’t see her getting “hostile”, but I do see North Korea getting into long-range missile testing and feel like they are using these two women as pawns in their never-ending game with the global community. The Korean Central News Agency says that the two are being treated “according to the relevant international laws,” — le sigh.

I  just hope that our government steps it up in helping bring home two great women back to SF where they are loved. Please keep these two in your thoughts fam. Read more about the situation here.

– Bakes

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