ICYMI: Lil Kim, Jim Jones, Kid Cudi, Kidz in the Hall, Tabi, Asher Roth & Curren$y (you’re welcome!)

Is this embarrassing to watch for anyone? Anyway, Cudi, Tabi, Kidz, Asher and Jimmy after the jump. Question – why’s Jimmy pacing like a caged animal? Oh yeah, he’s wild high. But I love my crack rappers (sorry, Mom) and WHY does Freaky Zeekey but you don’t know who that is Jimmy’s boy spell reign with an “h”? Ah, American public schools…

Welcome to Steely’s video catch-up. Can I also say that R&B artists need to up their video game. Why is it I have 3,000 hip-hop videos to post, and only stills from Ciara’s latest video shoot with JT? I don’t want to see pictures! VIDEO CHICK! give me a friggin’ video! Nullus.

rich kids from tabi Bonney on Vimeo.

I like this kid…he’s HI- larious to chat with, seriously…

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