iPhone Ups the Ante


Looks like this is the week for Apple announcements, and I’ve got just three words for y’all: CUT AND PASTE!

As an iPhone user, the lack of cut and paste functionality has been a major source of frustration. So when I heard Apple would be announcing updates to the iPhone operating system, I crossed my fingers. It must have worked, ’cause they are adding cut and paste across all programs, including online and text messaging.

Other highlights of the new OS:

-Subscription services available in App Store

-Peer connectivity, so you can connect your iPhone with others to play games or share contacts

-Push functionality, useful for staying connected to your IM convos when you switch over to check your email

-MMS, so you can send pics without attaching them to emails (Will work on as yet unannounced 3rd generation iPhone, but not the 1st generation. Boooo!)

-Streaming video (but still no Flash)

-Landscape keyboard across all programs for fewer typing mistakes

-Search capability

Updates will be available in June and will be free for iPhone users (9.95 for iPod Touch).

Thanks to Engadget

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