Jay Cutler Needs His Binky

So, before the Matt Cassell to KC deal went down, evidently the Broncos were interested in acquiring the latest “it” QB and put up their current QB as trade bait.

Clearly the deal didn’t happen, and what we have now is what one might call an “uncomfortable” situation. On the one hand, I see his point. Do you truly believe a seventh rounder with one good season under his belt is better than the guy the team drafted? While this post-Shanahan regime may have no real loyalty to Cutler, there is the whole “cutting off your nose to spite your face” thing.

Now that he knows about it, no one should be surprised at the whole crybaby bit or him not wanting to talk to the coach or anyone in the front office for that matter. Which-in a way is good for Denver. I mean really, what can they say to him? “Yeah we wanted him but since we didn’t get him we’re going to try and work it out with you?” “We sure hope you can learn this complicated playbook”? I mean really. Some things are better left alone, and no amount of telling the press you really want him there is going to make him feel any better. He’s already talking about playing for Denver in past tense. I’m sure at some point he will either ask to be traded or cut.

On the one hand, he did ask for a trade earlier, so maybe they were just trying to oblige him. I mean that could be believable right? Right? Who doesn’t want to trade their number one QB for a QB who had one good season in a proven system? Hell, its not like either guy made the playoffs. The real difference is in the actual game experience. Clearly Cutler has more, starting for the past two seasons and parts of his first. He may tell himself that to feel better. Of course, this doesn’t matter. His ego has been bruised and this will lead to a very sticky situation for everyone involved.

It’s funny as hell to me though. I love how these football players get all upset about the business of football. I know, its fun, you play a game every week and you don’t have to sit in a cube 9-5 everyday like the rest of the commoners. It’s still a job though, and this is still a business. Maybe he got confused along the way. Who knows. At the end of the day, he’s stuck with Denver until something happens.

This so sounds like a misadventure in dating. A guy sees someone he thinks he may like better than the one he’s with now, and goes after her. Except she’s not interested, and the current finds out all about it. Those don’t end well most of the time either. I swear I love football, hell sports in general. The only other area of life I’ve ever seen where the men are treated like women. Those front office folks and coaches in Denver should be careful…we all know the old saying. Hell hath no fury like a QB who lost his place and needs his binky.


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