Jay-Z, Prince, Q-Tip, Ginuwine, Juelz, Big Pooh, Curren$y, Mario, Wayne, Keri (you’re welcome!)

Here’s Prince’s “Chocolate Box” featuring Q-Tip. Somewhere the Dream is nervous because – tho we love him here at PLR – the sound he’s been bootlegging from Prince…Prince is actually still doing.

+ Jay-Z’s “Maybe”

+ Wayne x Julez “With One Arm” & “Does What She Does”

+ Keri Hilson “Hey Girl” ft T-Pain & Lil Jon

+ Curren$y’s “Wave Race”

+ Mario’s “Oh Baby” & “Afraid to Cry (Hardest Moment)”

Big Pooh’s “The Comeback”

Ginuwine “Last Chance” – I’m mad that Barack is mentioned in his chorus, LOL…word G? OK…

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