Morning Brew: 3.30.09

The sexual abuse of young girls in Brazil is increasing at an alarming rate…with the issue being highlighted by the recent abortion performed on9-year old victim (Brazil allows abortions in the cases of rape and mother-health only). Of course the Catholic church has something to say about this—excommunicating every one involved, except for the stepfather who abused the young girl. Happy Monday. {NYT}

President Obama is about to go on his first trip overseas since taking office…and he’s not exactly getting a warm welcome across the ocean. {NYT}

The US/Mexico drug problem doesn’t stop with our shores, in Vancouver locals are feeling the sting as they prepare for the 2010 Olympic games amid massive gang violence. {Tribune}

Ashley Biden, daughter of Vice President Joe Biden, just may have been caught on camera snorting that white horse…a la’ Kate Moss. {Gothamist}

Over 22 people were killed during a stampede in Abidjan, Ivory Coast when they tried to gain access to a World Cup qualifying match between Ivory Coast and Malawi….that still went on as planned. Can’t stop, won’t stop when it comes to football.  {BBC}

Poor Jacqui Smith. She’s just trying to do her thing over in London…being the home secretary and managing to keep her figure…when her hubby’s PORN movies show up on her expense report. Times like this, I love working for myself. {Guardian}

Happy Monday Ladies! Let’s get it. —Shannon (aka J.Baker or swash…hi!)

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