Morning Coffee 3.10.09

Zimbabweans must be careful not to spread cholera while many attend the funeral for co- Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai‘s wife, Susan, on Wednesday…something’s susty. Mugabe has to share power- dude’s wife turns up dead in a car crash from a head-on collision…I’m just saying… [VOA]

A police officer was killed in Northern Ireland last night- that violence I told you about yesterday is escalating. Maybe the IRA really has returned? [G]

Um, Chris and Rihanna are working on new music together. sigh. [MTV]

Split-toe shoes = I vote no. They remind me of Lord of the Rings…in a bad way. Thoughts? [Fashionista]

Comedians Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel broke up again…they’re such a fun couple- WHY!?! [People]

Saw Chrisette Michele last night, have a video interview coming soon…she’s the dopeness. a singer that can actually sing. go figure.

image via CR

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