Morning Coffee 3.11.09

alexander mcqueenalexander mcqueen

It’s Paris Fashion week and Alexander McQueen stole the show with his gowns. Cruella DeVille even came by. [AP]

The infamous NYC financier Bernie Madoff is going to plead guilty for birthing 2009’s emperor’s new clothes this year’s craziest pyramid scheme, in return for a life sentence. Does this make you feel vindicated or are you still mad at rich, corporate types? [NYT]

Chrihanna Update: Chris Brown’s still in the running for a Kid’s Choice award… [People]

Police in Mexico have found five severed heads on the side of the road. The deceased will be in addition to the 1000+ people who’ve been killed since 2009 began. It’s only March, ladies. What’s that like eight weeks? Sigh… [BBC]

Interesting- a few people discuss breaking structural racism while reforming the economy. Thoughts? [TheNation]

So I think I’m going to take the Cobra, thanks to Barack’s stimulus package. Kenrya will be proud…

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