Morning Coffee 3.13.09


Bernie Madoff pled guilty to charges of creating a glorified pyramid scheme, saying he was “ashamed and sorry.” No bail, no more million dollar apartment vacation. [Bloomberg]

Can castration help to rehabilitate sexual offenders?  Lawmakers in some European countries seem to think so.  An interesting take on the topic indeed.  [New York Times]

This week we learned that CNN and Comedy Central bid farewell to D.L. Hughley and David Alan Grier, pulling the plug on both D.L. Hughley Breaks the News and Chocolate News by the end of the month.  Could the shows have lasted if, perhaps a different black comedian were host? gave a few suggestions.  []

Are you spending more time on Twitter and Facebook than your favorite blogs?  The way things are heading, blogs are losing their influence to the emergence of social networking sites like Twitter where you can get multiple sources of instant information.  Whether blogs will one day become obslete, who knows, but there is no doubt that they (or we) can owe our success to the world of social networking.  Tech Crunch weighs in: [Tech Crunch]

…Then New York Magazine questions whether P. Diddy’s Twitts are making Kanye’s blog irrelevent.  Nice approach. []

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