Morning Coffee 3.12.09

Now the Vanity Fair is picking on Rachel Maddow for being a lesi. Did I tell you I saw her in the West 4th train station here in NYC? Made my day! Above is her partner, Susan. [Jeze]

Chrihanna Update: It’s gotten worse. TMZ has found the father of Chris Brown’s manager, Tina Davis. He says, “They were saying that before. Those are old rumors,” Mr. Davis reportedly told the site. [MTV]

“I always take my mobile into the toilet.” When I read this and I thought, shit I do the same thing. Giggle as Tanya tries to go a week without a cell or a computer. YIKES! [G]

Bristol Palin and her fiance have called it quits on their shotgun wedding two months after their child was born. Shocking. [Fox]

Irish protestors came out in the thousands to show their anger against the recent murders by many think to be “the real IRA.” [BBC]

image via Gawker

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