Morning Coffee: 3.17.09

Ummm Hi! Did you see Cuba get in Mexico’s ass last night (7-4)? I did, it was awesome. I may have to fly to Miami if they make it to the finals. The sad reality running joke is now, how many players are gonna try to stay in the US? Venezuela whooped up on Puerto Rico too so our local Boricuas are going to be in rare form when they fight for their lives against the US tonight. Where are you watching it? If you are in NYC, it will be a party—even if you don’t like baseball. {WBC}

In Minneapolis, a spike in Autism diagnoses is scaring it’s largely Somali community as it is virtually unknown to many of it’s residents. A good look at culture X science X community X education. {NYT}

Obama says that he was “choked up with anger” over the AIG bonuses and is calling on the govt to step in to block them. I, along with the rest of the country, is just ready to throw something while I try to figure out how I am eating this summer. {BBC}

Remember Josef Fritzl? We mentioned him in AT yesterday. He was the guy who kept his daughter in a dungeon for 24 years, and raped and tortured her. Well his trial is happening now and the details we released late yesterday. They are too much to reprint. Read with an empty stomach. {Telegraph}

Wow. This is what I get for being out of town so long. It seems that Cover Girl cosmetics may be rethinking Rihanna’s endoresement deal in light of her recent Chris Brown incident. I understand Chris having his treats yanked away, but this is kinda unfair. Thoughts? {AdAge}

JBaker is pondering where she will watch the game tonight? Uptown NYC or Brooklyn?

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