Morning Coffee: 3.19.09

Actress Natasha Richardon, has died after her tragic skiing accident in Montreal. It a shame, she walked away from her accident with no complaints and was brain dead just days later. Sigh. Our heart goes out to her family. {NYT}

The Federal Reserve has resolved to buy make over 1.2 Trillion dollars to boost the economy. I have Photoshop, can I make my own money too? {BBC}

For all of you Parlouristas who have co-workers on “business” in Tokyo: tell them to avoid the hostess bars, they are slipping mickeys to tourists and business travellers left and right! To borrow from Rick James, booty is a helluva drug. {Guardian}

Note to whoever is handling Mike Tyson’s career: STOP! {TimesOnline}

Marc Jacobs is getting married! Does this mean a new energy in the ‘Marc By Marc’ line? It could sure use one. Again, new booty is a helluva drug. Congrats MJ!!! {People}

The suicide rate of military personnel in the US is rising at an alarming rate. If I served for 3 years and then got called back into duty when I thought I was finished, or had it extended at the last minute, I would contemplate it too, honestly. We gotta take care of our own! {CNN}

JBaker is too tired to talk baseball, but is still going to get that Aroldis Chapman jersey if it kills her.

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