Morning Coffee: 3.23.09

So everyone knows that the D.C. public school system is and has been the shame of the city for years. It was like they couldn’t pay students to do well….oh wait….they are paying students to do well. SMH. Someone call Michello O! {WashPo}

Three officers in Oakland were killed and one critically wounded over the weekend in a traffic stop gone awry. This is fresh off of the murder of Oscar Grant III by police on New Years Day. {NYTimes}

17 are dead in a Montana plane crash and 2 are dead in a cargo plane crash in Japan. I am taking the train for a while. {CNN} {CNN}

Antonia Petrova was just elected Miss Bulgaria 2009! Too bad everyone hates her. {BalkanInsight}

The pope is in Africa, giving masses and distributing those desperately needed little green bibles. {BBC}

Meet the new “Black Pack” that Obama ushered into Washington…where are we coming up with these names from? lol {Root}

Iran’s leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told Obama to “talk to the hand” after seeing the President’s video message on the Persian new year last Friday. {IHT}

Method Man needs a new accountant, because his current one is obviously garbage. {Gothamist}

image by Richard Lipski – The Washington Post

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