Morning Coffee: 3.24.09

The trial of Mumia Abu-Jamal, arguably the world’s most prominent political prisoner, is back in the spotlight again. He is awaiting two Supreme Court decisions to determine if racism was a factor in his conviction, which we all know did. What we still don’t really know is…did he do it, or did he not? For every person who says “not guilty” there is one who says “guilty”—black and white. I just opened a can of worms, I know. Discuss in the comments. {CNN}

Wait! South Africa barred the Dalai Lama from speaking in order to stay in China’s good favor? Boooo! {IHT}

Remember Pedro from the Real World San Francisco? The well-known and loved AIDS activists who died from the disease in 1994 has been immortalized in a feature film about his life. Pedro, is debuting on April 1 on MTV and is screening at the Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, going on now in Miami Beach. {MiamiHerald}

The Food & Drug Administration was ordered to make the ‘Plan B’ pill available to 17-year olds without a prescription. This is one year lower that the Bush-administration’s restriction of 18, which the F.D.A. set due to govt pressure. This is also the year that most girls will probably need it. Go giving women the rights to control their fallopian tubes! {NYT}

Mexico is offering a reward of $2 million dollars to those who assist in arresting it’s 24 most-wanted, and most-dangerous drug cartel chiefs. I’d think about turning my own drug dealer friends in for 2 milli. It’s a recession! {BBC}

David Letterman got hitched! Finally! {People}

Reggaetoneros Wisin y Yandel made their acting debut on Mexican telenovela Verano de Amor. Thank God they are just playing themselves. {Blogamole}

JBaker is on the prowl…

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