Morning Coffee: 3.25.09

Ladies, hopefully the above image is proof to never believe what you see in magazines. It seems our lovelies over at Complex put up the ‘pre’ and ‘post’ images of Kim Kardashian all in a day, but not before Bucky over at AnimalNY grabbed them. Ahhh retouching, you devil. The crazy thing is…this image isn’t even that bad compared to what i’ve seen behind closed doors. Hurray for curves. {Jezebel}

Did you see Obama yesterday. Basically it was an economic pep talk with a great suit. I’m still broke Barry. {IHT}

China is blocking YouTube after videos surfaced of it’s security forces going LAPD style on Tibetans. They said it was a “lie.” {Guardian}

Good News! The economy is poised to make a comeback….in 2010. {CNN}

Vienna loves porn as much as we do! It’s art people. {LAT}

Sorry for the late cup ladies…blame it on the bear and late night beers!

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