Morning Coffee: 3.27.09

Want to see the My Little Pony dolls remixed into your favorite movie characters? Of course you do! {Guardian}

Gasp! Your favorite Twitter-adept celebrity may not be really supplying you with those crucial updates! Say it ain’t so. {NYT}

Finally. In NY, they are really moving to repeal the draconinan Rockefeller drug laws that puts more drug addicts in jail than murderers. {NYMag}

So NFL running back Ryan Moats and his family are rushing to a Dallas hospital to be at the side of his dying mother-in-law and manages to run a red light. Then he gets pulled over…and gets a gun in his face. And it’s ALL on camera! {Tribune}

Fashion in India is not all just baubles and gold…it’s an economy driver and it’s fierce! {IHT}

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