Morning Coffee 3.3.09

This doesn’t look good: “Three rival Pakistani Taliban groups have agreed to form a united front against international forces in Afghanistan in a move likely to intensify the insurgency just as thousands of extra US soldiers begin pouring into the country as part of Barack Obama’s surge plan.

The Guardian has learned that three of the most powerful warlords in the region have settled their differences and come together under a grouping calling itself Shura Ittihad-ul-Mujahideen, or Council of United Holy Warriors.” [G]

An American freelance journalist for NPR, Roxana Saberi, was working in Iran and has been detained. According to the Irani Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Saberi was working with out press credentials, so she was arrested. Now her family haven’t heard from her for a month… [CNN]

Review of Watchmen– You KNOW I’m excited, but reviews can color your excitement the wrong way. Read at your own risk. [EW]

Gray hair is actually created by too much hydrogen peroxide. Hm- then why did my last job give me a gray hair. Does that mean that my gig had too much hydrogen peroxide? [MSNBC]

Chrihanna UPDATE: Here’s the plane arriving in LA together. I still…just…don’t know how to feel. [MissInfo]

As I sit here watching Friday after “Harlem Heights”…I’m trying to see if I care about the buppies in Harlem. I’m saying, I love the producer of the show, Kurt, he’s known me since I was an intern. And I love my girl Bridget…but the scripted catiness? Hm…

image via Guardian

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