Morning Coffee 3.4.09

GOOOOO MADGE! Jesus, her new boy toy is 12 (figuratively speaking ,we don’t condone molesting ’round here), and DAMN he’s hot. Have you seen this? When I hit AARP qualifications, I’m getting it in! [G]

NY Gov David Paterson isn’t making enough budget decisions apparently. Is he really as indecisive as people suggest? [NYMag]

Authorities have ended their search for the missing football players, and reports say that 200 boats have capsized in the past five months. Um, so  no boats, eh? Is this because of global warming? [CNN]

British PM Gordon Brown, like Canadian leader before him, urged US Pres Obama against protectionism. Do we think there’s a way to make goods in America, surge the economy AND stay friends with countries that America usually trades with…even if we’re aren’t trading so much? High hopes or delusion? [BBC]

People like Jimmy Fallon’s show and Rachel McAdams- I’m offended. Be with Ryan Gosling or NO ONE!!! The Notebook must live on in real life! **breaks into heavy sobs…OK, not really, but I am salty** [PS] [Slate]

zzzzz…my head is melting, MELTING I tell you!

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