Morning Coffee 3.5.09

Fuckin’ WEIRD! This has to stop: custom designer babies. [SAH]

After apologizing to Republican talking head Rush Limbaugh, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael S. Steele says he’s still trying to reform the Republican party. I don’t know…he may be over before he even began. Thoughts? [WP]

Good news for home owners, there’s an incentive coming: “People with mortgages as high as $729,750 could qualify for help, and there is no ceiling on how high their income can be as long as they are in danger of losing their homes. Interest rates on loans could go as low as 2 percent for some.” [NYT]


Nice- if you buy a high class No Doubt concert ticket, you get to download their entire catalogue, plus their new as-yet-untitled song. Throwback No Doubt after the jump…Or maybe I’ll do a ND/GS Throwback today… [AP]

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