Morning Coffee 3.6.09

Looks like Republican senators are trying to hold a special election to oust sketchy Illinois junior Senator Roland Burris. SMH. [CT]

South Africa is moving to shut a Zimbabwean refugee camp that shelters about 400,000 people who fled their country and the cholera epidemic. Did I mention that former President Mugabe is trying to force all of the white Zimbabweans to give up their land? “”I am still in control and hold executive authority, so nothing much has changed,” Mugabe told a crowd of about 2,000.” [BBC] [AP]

I know Bobbi already posted this- BUT Gandhi’s glasses and other personal pieces sold for $1.8 million? Does anyone else see the irony here? This is like those Harriet Tubman apartments in Harlem that I can’t afford…(runaway slave…wild mortgage prices…doesn’t add up- get it?) [VOA]

Ex-footballer Michael Strahan has been snooping..with tracking devices. LOL. [DL]

In case you’re not a comic book nerd like I’ve become (Watchmen, OMG! Watchmen comes out today in the US!!!), here’s a list of the best comics of all time to get you started! [NYT]

Thank God it’s Friday…and I’m not even working full-time! lol…

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