Murs x Roxy Reynolds, Cam’ron, Rick Ross, Joe Budden (you’re welcome!)

I like Murs and you know Chloe and I spoke to Roxy Reynolds about porn (watching it, learning from it), head, sex and…I had to stop her from fellating (is this a real word?) Lowkey over the phone. LOL.

Also, I hit Ricky Ross’ listening last night for “Deeper Than Rap,” which hits stores April 21, however – as usual – he took so long to show up that I grew bored and went upstairs with my girl for drinks and cheese at the bar. =0) Why? Well, I already know that Rick’s music is great, Def Jam wouldn’t let their dude onto the shelves with lackluster music. However if Rick’s not going to speak to his CO situation, porn-prone baby’s mother and 50’s general obliteration of him, then, well,  I’m kinda not so interested. Thank god someone else taped the songs, which I’ve included after the jump. Don’t worry ladies, I’m ordering my flip cam STAT.

Ricky songs, Cam’ron’s “Caveman” and Joe Budden after the jump…

Cam’ron’s “Caveman”

Rick Ross’ listening section w/ “Maybauch Music,” which is honestly one of the hottest beats out right now. Maybe Rick’s listening to me. Thoughts?

“Usual Suspects” ft Nas

“Cigar Music”

Joey’s “In My Sleep” – I like this track, still don’t know how I feel about how he treats his girl. he plays her on the regular, but it seems like she doesn’t mind. However, I’d still have to say, “Joey, stop it. You know better.”

Thx NR, SOHH, Dallas Penn and Lowkey!

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