New Crackberry Addiction: BlackBerry Niagara 9630


I am an admitted crackberry addict. If I leave home without it I feel naked…funny story, I almost freaked myself out yesterday while walking home from brunch in my beloved Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. I had the same internal conversation I always have, goes something like this: ‘Hm, it’s a recession, wonder if the crime’s gonna rise. Man, if I get robbed right now, someone’s just gonna be mad ’cause I ain’t got no money.’

Now this joke usually makes me smile…until I thought how all of my contacts – which are critical to my business, freelancers you know what I’m saying – are stored on my bberry and ONLY on my bberry. yikes…guess I should back-up my berry TODAY.

Anyway, my girl sent me this new tidbit on the bberry Niagara 9630. Word is the device hits stores in the summer via Verzion and it’s a cross between the bold/javelin and the curve except it doesn’t have wifi. That last part confuses me…thoughts?


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