ParlourOnTheRadio: WebMD is My Doctor!

Last Sunday on I’m Sayin’ Radio with Chloé and Hillary! (aka Steely D, changed that for the show. *waves hello*): Are you diagnosing yourself on the web because you don’t have health insurance? Overdosing on over the counter meds since you can’t afford your prescriptions? Listen to the show below where we spoke with medical professionals – a med student, a holistic counselor and a dentist – about some steps the uninsured can take to protect themselves and what programs are out there. I’ve also included several websites about health care and healthy living after the jump!

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NextWeek: “Freelance America: I Don’t Want Another Job, I Just Want To Make Money”

ALSO: for your routine prescriptions, go to your local supermarket or Wal-Mart and get those drugs for free, and pay around $4 for the bottle.

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