Passport: The Escape Artist

If you live on the east coast here in the US, you probably are just thawing out from a blanket of snow that seemed to attack us all on Sunday night. Some of us went practical: we bought groceries, got some DVDs and a blanket and settled in. Good for you. Sounds great!

I said “fuck it” and left the country for warmer weather.

I’m not balling by any means so I chose a place where I had fam (ie. no hotel fees) and a new boo just added a sweetness to everything. And of course, I followed my own advice and scored a cheap ticket. Not to mention that NYC was simply getting on my last nerves so the motivation was definitely there. Last year, after leaving a job that made me question my self-worth daily (side note – NO JOB is worth your spirit.), I’ve been freelancing in the city and had some down time to try to fill. I’ve been working so hard on making everyone else successful, my own talents (ps. i’m also a painter and printmaker) have started to fade. Simple & plain, I just wanted to be out. Since I can’t afford a shrink, I bought a plane ticket.

Its amazing the effect that meaningful travel can have on you. So next week ladies, I will be coming to you live and direct from my own paradise, to be revealed on Monday!

See u then!

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