Precious Metal Digging: Ridiculous or Respectable?

Women using men for money is as old as men using women for sex. Yet anytime the topic of women tying to get over comes up, people attack the idea with vigor. The only other topic that generates a similar outrage is men on the DL. And this is why whenever any media outlet needs to generate ratings/sales, they bring up girls who are only about getting the green (or men humping men while claiming their straight.)
Anyway, I wasn’t home to  see it for myself, but so I’m told Monday’s Dr. Phil was called “Gold-Digging Secrets Revealed.” Black History Month is over, so I guess the producers had no qualms about putting two Black women on the panel to talk about being all about the Benjamins, bay-bee. I don’t have a DVR (I rarely watch TV) so had to go to the Dr. Phil website to get the low-down and view a couple clips. What I found, frankly, was fascinating.
The lead gold-digger is Baje, a strikingly beautiful 25 (ahem)-year-old self-proclaimed gold-digger. She’s also a “video model”/actress (reality show contestant, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF)/talent agency owner. And it seems whatever Baje wants, Baje gets. A goal-oriented gold-digger, she keeps a Wish List of items-divided into short-term and long-term– that she would like to obtain. “Every time I meet someone, it’s my goal to have them get something off that list for me,” adds Baje. She’s already accumulated enough money from her suitor(s) to purchase a home, but day-to-day, she looks for men to provide other needs. On the night Dr. Phil’s cameras trailed her to the club, her goal was “a dress, a camera or a BlackBerry.”

She adds, “if a man wants to give you his money, if he wants to wine you and dine you, take you on trips, shopping sprees, then take that also.”

And of course, like many a precious metal hunter before her, Baje insists she does not sleep with her suitor(s) to get gifts in return. “I can’t be bought,” she tells Dr. Phil. “Sex is the last thing on my mind.”

Lauren Lake, the expert panelist (and a friend of mine) summed up Baje’s outlook like this: “You’re fooling yourself if you don’t think this is two sandwiches short of what I call the ‘prostitution picnic.'”

See what I mean? Fascinating.

So because I’m naturally curious, I dig a little further. Turns out Baje Fletcher, Jamaican-born, Brooklyn-raised, is working on a book, A Gold Digger’s Guide: How to Get What You Want, Without Giving It Up (to impress upon you how often this subject comes up, there are 3 other books on Amazon with the same title.)  In the work-in-progress tome, she explains to women the top ten ways to get money from men. “Physically we aren’t stronger than [men],” she explains of the book’s premise on her website. “But then again, we don’t have to be because we can weaken them with the curves of our bodies, the words that roll of our tongues, our art of seduction and most importantly our minds. Getting their dough is easy, getting it without having to give up anything? Now, that’s the challenge.”

The very detailed book will tell women: “where to go to meet men, how to dress, what to say, and how to lure men with money all without making it look obvious,” she told J’Adore Magazine. Baje has also dedicated a whole chapter to “Investing” so that women can eventually retire off the money that they accumulate. “Making money should be their number one priority. Taking money is simply a lucrative hobby.”

And while many people will hear of her book and automatically think “BIRD ALERT!” she insists it is anything but. “I encourage women to set goals and go after their dreams. It’s more about goal digging than gold-digging,” she insists. “[The book] discloses the need and importance for a woman to empower and value herself.”


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