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Rachel Roy + Dame Dash =Splitsville + Jimmy Jones’ Role…

This makes me sad because I actually like Rachel and Dame cracks me up whenever I see him. Plus, the couple just had a new baby last year…but I guess you never know what goes on behind closed doors. From his description of his wealth, it sounds like most of it was based on the success of Rachel’s self-titled clothing line, which has a fairy godmother named André Leon Talley. Rachel will be alright. Dame? Who knows…Word says he’s dead broke but he’s become such an interesting figure in hip-hop.

After Roc-A-Fella’s hairy split from Jay-Z – don’t worry Dame, everyone knows that Roc-A-Fella isn’t a real label and hasn’t been since Kanye’s “Diamonds Are Forever” – and Dame’s multiple false starts in other businesses, the continuation of his legacy seems to rest on whether rapper Jim Jones’ career pops in to the mainstream since Dame’s spearheading Jones’ marketing campaign. It’s no secret that I love Jimmy, and all of my other crack rappers (Mama, I’m so sorry…), so this should be interesting to watch. JBakes and I are hitting Jimmy’s theater run for “Hip-Hop Monologues: Inside the Life and Mind of Jim Jones” tonight here in NYC, and we’ll report back. =0)


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