Sign of the Times

anna wintourWhen the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Anna Wintour Magazine laments consumerism- we should all grab our Blahniks and head for the hills!
In a recent interview by the Wall Street Journal Wintour preaches value over consumerism, a definite sign that there is a real financial crisis coming down on the once untouchable luxury market.  When asked about fashion trends for Fall 2009 Wintour commented “I don’t think anyone is going to want to look overly flashy, overly glitzy, too Dubai, whatever you want to call it. I just don’t think that’s the moment. But I do feel an emphasis on quality and longevity and things that really last.”
In 2009 Vogue will explore adding more moderately priced pieces to their fashion spreads. “I think we need to give women the aspirational clothes that can make them dream, and another portfolio that’s about mixing high and low, certainly the way the First Lady is dressing. It’s about a mix. In the index pages we are looking more rigorously at price and value and asking, ‘is something worth that particular price tag?” explained Wintour.

I’ll have to see this in glossy print to believe it…

Check out WSJ to read the full length interview here.

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