Avoid the Obvious Guy

Men are not complicated creatures.  If you choose the right guy and remember a few essential rules, you’ll have him in the bag.  Choosing the right guy, however, can be precarious for some.  If you’re looking for a guy to settle down with, the first step is knowing which ones to avoid.  The good news is most of the bad ones stick out like sore thumbs.  You just have to have the strength to look the other way.

The Super, Duper, Good-looking Guy: Trouble, trouble, trouble.  Avoiding this guy can be tough, especially if he expresses interest in you.  All women want a handsome chap, but there’s a whole lot between this guy and ugly.  The truth is, not all gorgeous men are bad.  But chances are if you’ve noticed him, so has every other gal in the city.  If this guy was a Buddhist monk he’d have a hard time turning down most of the #*$&% that’s thrown his way.  Who needs that drama?  Do yourself a favor and focus on the guy with fewer “things” to distract him from you.

The Class Clown: We all love a sense of humor, but this guy’s brand of funny is also known as “I must be the center of attention.”  He’s the loudest person in the room, he’s usually cracking jokes at the expense of others, and he has a million “friends,” all of who find him hilarious.  This guy’s shenanigans beg the question “did you get enough hugs when you were a child?” He might be a nice enough guy, when he exits the stage long enough to talk to you, but be careful, he could turn the jokes on you if it’d get him a laugh.  You couldn’t give this guy enough attention if you were fifteen people, so don’t bother trying.

The Bad Boy: Oh, I hear it all the time: “I want a guy who’s a little rough around the edges.”  The trouble is, this guy’s roughness goes a little further than his edges.  A bad boy will often have a machismo attitude, an affinity for trouble, and your parents will hate him.  His rather large ego also tends to get in the way of his being reasonable when he feels his “manhood” has been threatened.  Pass on the bad boy and find yourself a good guy.

The Poser: You’ll know this guy by his fancy car.  He probably works out all the time and wears designer clothes, but it’s all for show.  Inside, he’s an insecure little boy just desperate for approval.  The lucky girl who ends up with him will be expected to look perfect all the time and keep his mounting debt a secret.  She’ll constantly be subjected to random questioning as to her whereabouts when the insecure voices in his head tell him she’s cheating.  No ride in a fancy car is worth that much trouble.

The Narcissist: This guy thinks he’s hot.  Maybe he’s handsome, or maybe he has a cushy job.  Whatever it is, this guy can’t get enough of himself and he assumes you can’t either.  He monopolizes every conversation with chatter about himself, his job, his day, him…him…him.  Apparently, because of whatever he has going for him, no woman has ever told this guy “no” and he’ll pout if you try.  He’ll expect you to extend yourself for him but won’t be willing to do the same.  Leave this prize to his mirror and run.

The good guy you’re looking for probably isn’t a male model and doesn’t drive a Lamborghini.  His quiet confidence may not demand your attention and since his ego is in check he might be waiting for a green light before he approaches you.  Your good guy may not be obvious, but if you keep your eye out, you’ll find him.

With Love,
Hitched Chick

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