SMH: The Pope is STILL Hollering Abstinence?

pope benedict

I’m not Catholic so please don’t be upset with me if you are. But I just can’t condone Pope Benedict XVI going to Africa where the AIDS rate is sky high and preaching abstinence and NOT condoms.

I understand the cross-section of religion, premarital sex and eternal damnation, etc but really Pope Benedict? It’s 2009 and many countries have realized people are GOING to have sex – if they aren’t already – and that working with people who’re having sex by providing them with protection is much more logical than closing your eyes, crossing your fingers and praying that couples don’t engage. Really?

But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, Kenrya already told us about this one last year…

“It’s just that I can’t muster enthusiasm for the arrival of a man who, as the face of the Vatican, seems to be deeply out of touch with the realities of life in the 21st Century… Prime example: When he visited Brazil last May, Pope Benedict XVI told 185 million Brazilian Catholics that they will go to hell for using condoms to prevent the transmission of AIDS. What’s next—holding hands will give us cancer?”



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