Target’s Double Happiness for Spring

Target is set to give us a double goodie this spring. Remember when it seemed like Prince was releasing an album every 15 minutes? Well, he’s slowed down considerably, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy. Especially considering that he is releasing a new, triple album to be sold exclusively at Target on March 29th. The set includes two discs, MPLSOUND, and Elixir and a third disc features his new protege’, Bria Valente…all for the lovely price of $11.98. He is also about to debut a new fan/music site Lotusflow3r.com which is live, and in development but is a good look at what is to come.

Also, this Wednesday we will see the debut of the Alexander McQueen capsule line, the first of many Target’s new project, Designer Collaborations. Not to be confused with the GO International program, which focuses on younger, emerging names, Designer Collaborations is all about taking well-established designers and making their looks available for the masses. Yup, it’s the H&M formula and it works. Other than featuring the Blythe doll (and a brown one-see above!!), the line already captured me with some of the edgiest looks seen so far. A sneak peek is after the jump!

A First Look at MCQ Alexander McQueen for Target

Grazie Nylon!

But don’t front like you aren’t gonna but 434 other things that you didn’t think you needed until you walked into the door. I love how I never realize that I needed scented candles and new ankle socks until I hit Taarrrrjhhaay.

Gotta love Target!

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