The Brazilian, The Bush and The State?

Sooo by now you probably heard about how the state of New Jersey is considering banning the practice of the ‘Brazilian’ bikini wax due to the legal complaints by two women scorned (literally, lol!). While reading up on this, my mind got to wondering about how the Brazilian got so popular in the first place. We Parlouristas are pro-waxing (and lasering! ingrown hairs are a nightmare), especially down there. For the record I am a huge fan of the hard wax at Valley here in NYC. Love them and I swear to God it’s painless! Anyway, after seeing a blurb about it on the evening news, three things came to mind: 1) who cares? 2) doesn’t New Jersey have more to worry about and 3) why is the Brazilian so damn popular?

Thoughts 1&2 aside, let’s dig a little deeper (pun intended) on this.

First, for the waxing novices out there, the “Brazilian” or also known as a “full” wax is basically when all of the hair down there is removed. Not just the standard “bikini line” aka what shows through the sides of your panties or bikini bottoms. It’s the hair on top, on the sides and deep in the nooks and crannies—all the way to the anus. Any woman who has gotten one can attest to the flexibility needed to pull this off. The leg lift and stretch can be a little unnerving for some but the outcome results in a completely hairless end product. It’s not for the faint of heart and depending on who is waxing you, can have some disastrous side-effects—imagine hot wax touching your “inner-lips”…right. How it got the nickname “Brazilian” is still cause for debate. Some say it refers to the style of waxing that it takes to wear the notoriously teeny Brazilian style bikini, hence it was popularized by our southern neighbor. Others credit it to porn, etc…regardless, its bold and bare.

In the past 5 years or so, the Brazilian’s popularity has risen among the general uterus-holding population, and here is where my personal conundrums about appearance, marketing and sexuality rises. If you ask most women about why they choose, and continue to go fully bare, the most popular responses you will get are: convenience, preferred bikini/lingerie styles, better sex and because my ‘insert boyfriend, girlfriend, jump-off, etc here” saw it and likes it. While I understand the first three, completely, I hesitate at the fourth explanation. I’m not above making edits to my personal style to better my relationship, but unless we both like it, is it right to ask a woman to strip all the way down to get her partner’s rocks off? A good friend of mine had a interesting take on the Brazilian craze, he was a single father of a 2 year old at the time when his ex-girl did it as a “surprised” him with a fresh wax. His reaction was “it was sexy, but strange.  I had just given my daughter a bath and put her down earlier that night and I couldn’t help but think about how my girl looked like a little girl. It freaked me out.” For the record, they are married now and he isn’t a perv.

Chalk it up to the post 3rd-wave feminist in me, but when my 4 year old niece and I are identical when naked below the waist, it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. When I first started to get body hair, ironically that the first thing I wanted to do was shave it. I was a slave to television and those damm Nair and Bic commercials!  For me, shaving was the ultimate “grown-ass woman” rite that I could afford (ie. free) and was my introduction into the many “womanly” things that I witnessed my mother do in the bathroom every morning. But more than that, hair meant that I was getting grown, and I loved it. Blame marketing, social/sexual roles, porn, fashion…we are more obsessed with the vag than ever these days and as little girls we can’t wait to do something about it. So, why do you/they/we like the Brazilian so much? Some say it is “exotic”, and hygienic. {Side Eye} Is it a fad, an evolution of grooming? It’s more expensive than a normal wax so what is the turn-on ladies? I’ve tried it. A few times. Breezes in the summer were awesome but it didn’t change my life and my SO (sig other) at the time didn’t care as long as my vadge was still intact.

Just how every woman has her own flavor, so does her personal style down there. Some, like Steely, prefer the 70’s bush, “keep it simple” side trim. Some like the “landing strip” that allows for a clean look, easy access, and leaves something there to keep you warm, lol. You’d be surprised how personal we can be about our preferences and the options available. I’m talking stenciling, dyeing, perming, it’s all available to you for the right price. It used to be that the Brazilian was only available to the affluent, performed at high-end spas and luxury outlets. But just like acrylic nails, eventually it came to the masses and this is when it got a little sloppy. Think about it, do you really want to strip down in a seedy waxing room while you can hear your neighbor gossiping behind the wall while getting a pedicure?

More than that, is it really worth the entire state of New Jersey to outlaw a waxing technique because of two incidents gone horribly wrong?  Like with abortion, should the state be paying more attention to my fallopian tubes than violent crime (Hello Camden!)? While I fully support regulating who can perform the procedure, the question it—is it that serious?

I’m not elitist by any means, but when it comes to my bush, I’m a total snob.

So ladies, tell me/us, what are your personal preferences and why do you choose a certain style. For you die-hard Brazilians out there…why did you dare to go bare? See u in the waxing room!

image courtesy of Adrants

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