The Simple Things

The free scene at the Brooklyn Museum.

So yesterday I came across this article, which basically examines some of the simple pleasures our country is turning to in response to our economy shithole situation. In it, WWD takes a look at how items like cellphones, chocolate,  trips to the movies and McDonalds are slowly becoming the nation’s way to get their rocks off and pass their way through this tough time. While I agree with the chocolate factor, a trip to McDonalds is not on my list of simple treats, and movies here in NY cost like…$45 now, so I stay with my Netflix or borrow screeners from my high-class writer friends. So in true Parlour fashion, allow me to add a few “simple pleasures & approaches” to the mix:

Find Your Freedoms!: In just about every major city, most cultural institutions open their doors, gratis, to the general public as a way to encourage repeat visits and service their communities. Good vibes aside, it’s a great way to enjoy a day out without coming out of pocket. My faves: The Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturdays, The Smithsonian in DC (it’s always free!), and LA’s Downtown Artwalk. Also, don’t count out that gallery opening…free wine and good art anyone?

BYOB – everywhere. After spending most of the winter here, I rarely imbibe mixed drinks anymore, so I have started breaking out the flask on fun nights out. The normal price for a cocktail in Manhattan is ranging from $10-$15, that’s American Apparel money! There is always that little “precious metal digger” voice inside of me that is counting on some drinks to be bought, but frankly I’m spoken for and too tired to go through the tit-for-tat, unless it’s a generous homie—that’s what friends are for!

Also, I’m proposing the “at-home” happy hour as well!

Go Shopping – In Your Closet. I know that you still have that dress that you haven’t worn in ages, or yet for that matter. The same goes for shoes and accessories. I just broke out a purse I have never carried and feel like I just left Barneys!

My personal treat?
Hood Juices. Consider it my McDonalds. My diet has been pretty much water, juice and beer based since I was about 25 so once in a while, when I’m feeling blue, I will take a trip to the Bodega and go in. I’m talking Tropical Fantasy, Hawaiian Punch, Quarter Waters, Orange Fanta (I see you Sportie.), etc. It’s all poison, I know…but soooo good. I then have to drink 2 glasses of water out of guilt, lol.

Aside from that, I have started baking and cooking more since savory and sweet treats are a girls best friend and my freelancers budget is decreasing rapidly. How are you dealing with these harder times?

Moola saving tips and fun tricks are welcome!

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