We Like That White Girl…

Coke is it! No really, no longer is it a slogan for syrupy soft-drinks, Coke is back and bigger.than.ever. Of course us NYC & LA Parlouristas know that it never really left, but it seems that the US government is finally admitting it’s role in the problem. You see, the United States is the biggest consumer of cocaine…in the world. This fuels the Mexican cartels who supply our demand, but with that nasty side effect of cartel drug wars (decapitations, dousing people in acid, etc), making the Mexican border a virtual free for all war zone. Spearheaded by Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois, the US is vowing to step up and do its part to curb the violence. I have a suggestion: legalize cocaine and tax the shit out of it. Just a thought.

For some reason I couldn’t get the Young Jeezy catalog of music out of my head while reading this article.

U.S. Shares Blame in Mexico Drug Violence, Senators Say

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