Ad Attack!: In Mexico, “Maricons” & Midgets Can Sell Cellies?

“Si Soy Amaaaaa!”
You ever watch an ad that is so wrong—yet so funny that you have to see it over and over again, and every time you laugh you say “that’s not right” while busting a gut? Well, for this Ahorro Cell ad from Northern Mexico, I have decided to get off my high horse and admit: this shit is funny as hell.  Here is the premise for you non-español speakers—a woman answers the phone, and the guy on the other end asks to speak to her “maricon”, or faggot son. She’s like “my son is no faggot!!” but then her son pops out of the bathroom and….well just watch:



So what does this have to do with cell phones? Well, the message that they give in the spot is to “expect the unexpected” or something….yeaaaaah. Oh! And there is a little person too! All jokes aside, the fact that they actually used the term “maricon” on television kinda blows my mind, as it would never make it past public access here in the states. But as any world traveler will tell you, advertising across the waters is an entirely different ballgame and much more in-your-face. It seems that this one worked because I canNOT stop saying “Si Soy Ammmaaaaaa!” Sigh…I will get no work done today.

For the record, Parlour is a super “we love everyone” site, and this post was not written to offend anyone in any way.


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