Ad Attack!: Latinas Can Save The World

What most surprised advertisers was how technically savvy this woman is once [her household income] reaches $50,000, and how much they’ve raised the bar in what they want from the American dream,” Ruth Gaviria, VP of Meredith Hispanic Ventures, said of marketers who saw preliminary results.
If there is one thing that I love about advertising, it’s research. Without proper research, creatives like myself really have no basis for deep exploration. And good research is what makes the ad world go ’round. So while doing my daily morning survey of various sites, this article caught my eye. According to the “What Latinas Want” research conducted by the Telemundo Group and Meredith Hispanic Ventures, the Latina woman is poised to become the next big segment that will help propel the industry, and potentially the economy. And she can even use a cell-phone!
It makes me chuckle that the industry is yet again just seeing the mainstream potential and value of the Black and Latina (And Black Latina) consumer now…but I guess that in tough times we look closer at what has always been there. But this proves good for all involved as it will propel minority owned ad shops and creatives as well as benefit the consumer with more targeted and culturally relevant messages. Hopefully none of them involve, bikinis, a mariachi band or the words “papi” and “chulo”. (c) that AWFUL cablevision optimum phone service reggaeton commercial. HATED IT! – Steels

Ok Mujeres…I’m going to need you all to start shopping…now, because we need to get out of this recession. Call me if you need a ride to Roosevelt Fields or something.

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