Ad Attack!: Vitamin Water Goes Back To Black

Aside from those awesome Trojan ads, my favorite new spots hands-down have to be for Vitamin Water and their new product Vitamin Water 10. I still don’t drink the stuff (because I take vitamins and drink….water), but aside from the talking animals (total win) I get a kick out of the fact that the CEO of Water Incorporated is Mother Nature – who’s in the spot and worried about Vitamin Water taking their shine – and she’s a black woman. As a fellow black girl that rocks, I take no ownership over nature when seeing the spots run, but it does make me think about how far the portrayals of minority women have come in advertising—anything is better than her being the ‘magical negro‘.

It almost reminds me of how I used to shut my schoolmates down when I pulled out a map and told them that due to geography, Jesus was probably not white…now my nieces can say: “Mother Nature is black”, lol!

Peep the ad after the break

Shout to Chloe, whose Twitter a few weeks ago reminded me of this!

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