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African Fashion: Always En Vogue

The New York Times‘ Suzy Menkes recently noticed the rise of African influence on the Spring 2009 runways…as if it ever left? They compiled a nifty little slideshow, but us being the Parlouristas we are…we give you some of our favorite African designers making waves on both sides of the Atlantic. Why stop at the influence when you can go to the source?

Xuly Bet (Mali)

Duro Olowu (Nigeria)

Korto Momolu (Liberia)

Folae Folarin-Coker for Tiffany Amber (Nigeria)


Phunk Afrique (Nigeria)

Nkhensani Nkhosi for Stoned Cherrie (South Africa)

Want to stay up on all things fly, fun and African? Check out some of my favorite sites that keep their fingers on the pulse of the continent: Bella Naija / Jamati / FashionAfrica and many many more!!

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