Afternoon Tea 4.6.09

Mickey Rourke might be taking this whole Wrestler persona a bit too far. He showed up at WrestleMania, climbed in the ring and gave Chris Jericho a left hook. {Vulture}

The Somali pirates are back! Somebody call Steely. They’ve recently seized a British cargo ship, a French yacht, a Taiwanese ship, a German container vessel and a Yemeni tug. {AL J}

Remember when I told you about IBM seeking to buy Sun Microsystems, well that’s “unravelling” and U.S. stocks super low this AM due to worries around this deal and the “health of large banks. {MarketWatch}

Check out all of Michelle Obama’s fabulous style on the European tour… And do you really believe that 50 and Ciara shacked up recently? {theYBF}

It’s Monday, it’s Spring (kind of). Carpe diem ladies.

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