Afternoon Tea 4.03.09

It’s the battle of the first ladies, America v.s. France. Rumor has it that France’s Carla Bruni didn’t join her husband at the G20 summit “because she didn’t want to be overshadowed by Michelle Obama.” (Hey I don’t start the rumors, I just help spread them.) Well they met today in France. Michelle wore a floral print Thakoon coat and it’s predicted that Carla wore Dior again. {the CUT}

The villagers from Broughton, England forced the Google street view cameras to retreat. One neighborhood man, Paul Jacobs, rounded up a crew and surrounded Google’s driver. When they threatened to call the police, he backed off and swung a U-turn. Sometimes it does take a village… {G}

Madonna lost her bid to adopt a second Malawian child, Chifundo James, age three. The court rejected Madonna’s aplication due to a requirement that she be a resident of Malawi for 18 to 24 months. {BBC}

An immigration detainee who died in a New Jersey jail after complaints of chest pains that were “unheeded until too late” was forgotten until now. The jail had difficulty even confirming the deceased man had ever lived. Talk about a disappearing act. {NYT}

It’s pretty shitty out there in NYC today. But we’re gonna pop off the weekend right anyway ladies. Enjoy yourselves wherever you are! xo

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