Afternoon Tea 4.1.09

Here are Gossip Girl’s Nate and Chuck probably fighting over Blair? GG is still my favorite TV show – outside of Ugly Betty and The Game. Meanwhile, Nate, the one of the left, auditioned for Footloose since Disney giant Zac Efron passed. Remind me why I care about this film again? [MTV]

A Zimbabwe documentary on its prison system has stemmed a cry for help. Many prisoners are starving and diseased. Sounds similiar to what the news says an average resident is coping with outside of the clink. Someone please tell me that isn’t true. Meanwhile, the country is also asking the African Union for $8-10 billion to revive the economy. [BBC] [Reuters]

*Play that track again!* Yet another potential Obama cabinet member was caught for not paying their taxes. This time it’s Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, the second choice for health secretary. She only skipped out on $8,000 but still. [BBC]

People are losing their minds in London today during the G20- police have already clashed with rioters, who seem to be boycotting currency itself. Many attacked the Bank of England and got especially rowdy when it was announced that the G20 were near an economic agreement.  [G]

First Skype and now I can get TV on my blackberry? God DOES love me! [CNET]

Hi ladies! – Steels

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