Afternoon Tea: 4.13.09

Padma Lakshmi, Chelsea Handler and more get naked for Allure magazine.  Airbrushing at its best.  [Huffington Post]

After stripping sales rankings from a variety of gay-themed books, released a statement blaming “a glitch” for the changes and promises a fix.  Truth or B.S.?  [Gawker]

Law firm in NYC offers employees $80,000 to take off of work for a year.  Sweet. [New York Times]

Bloggers beware: the Federal Trade Commission wants to monitor what you say when talking about brands online.  Let the regulation begin.  [Advertising Age]

The newspaper industry is on its last leg, but circulation for newspapers sold by the homeless is on the rise.  Are we experiencing a true shift in not only how, but WHY people are consuming media?  [New York Times]

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