Afternoon Tea: 4.17.09

Pretty soon another baby will be added to the Heidi & Seal tribe! Heidi’s pregger’s with her fourth child. With four kids trailing behind you, it does kinda look like a mini tribe. Ask my mom. {B}

The Thai “yellow-shirt” protest leader, Sondhi Limthongkul, was shot when a group of gunmen closed in on his car and shot it up like an inside out drive-by. Sondhi is stable, but his driver is in critical condition. {BBC}

The US Justice Dept. publicized memos that described the C.I.A.’s “interrogation techniques” approved by the bush administration.

In dozens of pages of dispassionate legal prose, the methods approved by the Bush administration for extracting information from senior operatives of Al Qaeda are spelled out in careful detail — like keeping detainees awake for up to 11 straight days, placing them in a dark, cramped box or putting insects into the box to exploit their fears.

Seriously, the C.I.A. is you’re big brother that just wants to kick your ex’s ass but ends up killing him. {NYT}

I’m pretty excited! Canadian Electro outfit MSTRKRFT is heading to Coachella sat but decided to give the folks that can’t make it a little prezzie—a remix to the heart-racing Bounce with our favorite hiphop frat boys Pitbull and N.O.R.E.. (RCRDLBL}

Bobbi, is searching the NYC parks for Steely D. Wanna play?!

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