Afternoon Tea 4.21.09

somoli pirate smiling

The Somoli pirate has arrived in NYC. He’s smiling, does he know all of America – besides the Parlour Fam – is plotting against him? [NYT]

It’s still going down in Sri Lanka. The no-fire rule has come and gone without a final fire fight, and government agents don’t think the Tamil Tigers will surrender. [G]

Get your passports ready! Lauryn Hill’s headlining the Stockholm Jazz festival in July, the event spans from the 15- 19. [AP]

Research says that breast feeding can reduce risk of heart attack, heart disease and strokes. Maybe I should hurry up and have a kid so I can live longer? Nah…lol. [BBC]

I can’t stop listening to this, ps. does anyone have the Y3 album link to send me? I needs my Karen O. *returns to impersonating lil wayne by drinking a dizzying amount of Nyquil*

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